However, these added benefits will put you back more than twice the cost of a Charter the questionremains whether these extra features and abilities are worth it. $19.99: details: Gman Sport. Charter Bulldog 3" blued 44 spl. Charter Arms Bulldog Revolver .44 SPC 3" Barrel 5-Rounds Checkered Walnut Grip, Charter Arms Bulldog Stainless .44 SPC 2.5" Barrel 5-Rounds, Charter Arms 74410 Bulldog On Duty 44SPC 2.5-inch, Charter Arms Bulldog Pug .44 Special 2.5" 5 Shot Revolver, Stainless Steel 74420, Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special Revolver, Black 14420, Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special Revolver, Black with Tiger Stripes 24420, Charter Arms Bulldog Large .44 Spl Revolver, Matte Stainless or Nitride 74429, Charter Arms Bulldog Large .44 Spl Revolver, Black Nitride 64420, Charter Arms Target Bulldog Large .44 Spl Revolver, Stainless 74460, Charter Arms Target Bulldog Large .44 Spl Revolver, Matte Stainless 74442, Product search results for"charter arms bulldog 44". Charter Arms Bulldog 44 Special Boomer 2'' Tapered Barrel, Custom Holster, Hand Crafted, Hand Made, Right Hand Draw Ad vertisement by MASCGUNLEATHER. Police detectives in the 1970s and 80s used it in waist and ankle holsters, and it was designed to fire the more powerful .44 Special and .357 Magnum rounds. $345.24. Last Chance . That being said, hes been an adamant semi-auto shooter for as long as I can remember, so I was hesitant to suggest a wheel gun. I ordered a used, near mint yoke and cylinder for $15 and its great now! With a barrel length of 2.5", this .44 Special Pug is one of the largest revolvers to be worthy of concealed carry. 75447 charter arms cac; undercover 38; pr 5; 23-h-43 846556 charter arms ; cac police bulldog; 38 pr; 6 23-h-41; k24129 cobra cbr; denali 380; pi 23-h-40; k10894 cobra cbr; denali 380; pi 23-h-42; cp076522 cobra cbr; . In order to eliminate the common safety issues of carrying a wheel gun, the solid-framed Charter contains the dependable hammer block transfer bar safety system. It isnt hurtful and not as sharp as the .357 Magnum, simply heavy and steady. I have the Charter Arms Bulldog in SS and 44 Special. Web ID: 100888739 Product Chart This SKU table contains a list of all SKUs available for the product. A friend had one he wanted to carry out of town on a trip. Bulldog production has been stopped a few times since 1992, when Charter Arms, the original manufacturer, went bankrupt. Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Pinterest; Subscribe. $299.99. File the left inside of the rear notch until its no longer shooting right. After outlasting a couple of halts in production and receiving a few overhauls, the final version of the .44 Special was finally released ten years ago. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for OEM Charter Arms Bulldog 44 Special Spl Spc Cylinder Release Latch Button at the best online prices at eBay! When the gun is fired, the hammer does not actually strike the firing pin. Eligible for FREE shipping . Charter Arms Bulldog Pug 44 Special Featured Ads . My 6 puts a 158 Double tap out at muzzle of 1540 and is even more gentle at 44 oz. [13] If the Bulldog is used to hunt, the most effective ammo is, reportedly, the 240- or 250-grain (16g) SWC. Free packing/shipping to manufacturer &/or manufacturer's authorized service center for warranty repairs ($20-$40 value). The Bulldog MSRPs for between . If you're looking for a safe, reliable revolver powerful enough for serious home protection but with the size and functionality for effective concealed carry Charter's .44 Special is an outstanding double-duty choice for the job. It would not necessarily be a concealed or travel gun, just a gun that would be nearby when she sleeps. I have a SS Bulldog and while I like it and it shoots very well its frankly just too small for my hands, And for all you folks wishing you hadnt sold yours I intend to sell mine on Texas gun trader, look for it there. Charter Arms Bulldog Pug 44 Special Police Trade-In Revolver. I have cut out the grip to allow easy ejection of spent cases. Charter Arms Undercover .38 Special 2" Barrel Hammerless/DAO 5 Rounds - $268.79 after code "ULTIMATE20" (All Club Orders $49+ Ship FREE!) MSRP: $768.00 |. Sad thing is I always had a priority, and never could afford to buy one. The Mission of Cheaper Than Dirt! soft grips, they really took the bite out of shooting it. At around $400 purchase price common now,it is no longer "Cheap". $375.99. Considering that he already owns the impressive Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 and Taurus 709, I think he was looking for something smaller to keep in his glove compartment or holstered on his ankle. But while Charter 2000 did fail, it should be noted that it did improve the Bulldog's design by engineering a one-piece barrel, front sight, ejector-shroud assembly. Charter Arms Undercover Hammerless Revolver .38 Sp. Clearly, Charter was determined to create a CCW that could handle tons of abuse. Then inJune of 2007, a Bulldog with new featuresbegan to be produced by another company named Charter Arms operated by theEcker Family. I've got a Barami Hip Grip mounted to it. The .44 Special is a better choice than the .38 Special +P as the .44 really doesnt kick much more in a similar weight gun. I have also used the Hornady Critical Defenseloading. This is more true, especially when considering that usually no more than 3 shots are fired in a close combat situation. Its trigger pull, in both single and double-action modes, is pretty light. Because the American company designed these as self-defense weapons, they are most accurate within a 20-yard range. the bulldog pug kicks a lot and I mean A LOT. [10] It was designed to be concealed easily because of its small size, yet also fire a "big bore" caliber. It was one of the best-selling weapons of the 1970s and the 1980s in the United States. The .357 Mag. The HKS Speedloader available for the Bulldog doesn't have any extra frame clearance. There's still a family resemblance, but the XL variant is noticeably . I was popping dirt clods with it at 15-20 yards, with no discomfort. The 200-grain load is potent and has strong penetration, and yet the recoil can easily be handled. caliber CA revolvers sounds like a really good personal defense weapon. Professional is a rugged, simple revolver that is an affordably priced option suitable for concealed carry or home defense. GA Sales: 104. In June 2007, a version of the Bulldog with new features[6] began to be produced by another company named Charter Arms,[10] but this time was distributed by MKS Supply. Cleaning, scope mounting, and bore sighting. If link doesn't work, copy and Read more . So if the trigger is not being pulled when the hammer falls, the transfer bar will not be in position, and the weapon will not discharge. The Magnum also kicks a lot in small-frame revolvers. [5] The original model had no ejector-shroud and the aluminum front sight was soldered to the barrel. The Charter ArmsBulldog is a 5-shot double-action revolverthat wasintroduced in 1973. OWB Recommendations: The Slide - Great concealment pancake style holster that makes the large . Guns in the News, Throwback Thursday: Taurus Judge Range Report, ATI Milsport SGA 410 All the Advantages of an AR in .410, Ruger SR1911 LW Commander The Lightweight .45 ACP, Rifle Hack: Sighting for 100 Yards at a Distance of 25 Yards, Throwback Thursday: All About Bullet Grain. from low ready position. Ive owned two Bulldogs, and had the same problem with each: when firing double-action, and sometimes when pulling the hammer back to fire single-action, both guns would often tie up and the cylinder would not rotate. Stratford CONN address - ~316000 to ~1,090,000 1970 - ~1991. . Home Firearms Throwback Thursday Review: Charter Arms Bulldog. Bat Masterson's Sister Murdered -- Or Was She? The first Bulldogs were developed about as soon as we had cartridge revolvers. Your browsers UserAgent string has been modified and is invalid or does not match other characteristics of your request. Is this what youre looking for: In this case, I have well over 30 years experience with the Charter Arms Bulldog. I used the exact ammos listed in the articles like the Hornadys but mostly keep the Winchester Silver Tips in the cylinder. Our Low Price $413.35 QuickView With a barrel length of 2.5in, this 44 Special is one of the larger revolvers to qualify for concealed carry. A 250 gr. This can often be caused by Third Party plug-ins. The Charter Arms Bulldog was always the gun I imagined her carrying. The transfer baris raised as the trigger is pulled, placing it into a position between the firing pin and the hammer itself. Charter Arms 74410 Bulldog On Duty DA/SA 44 Special 2.5" 5 Black Rubber Stainless, Charter Arms 74424 Bulldog Crimson DA/SA 44 Special 2.5" 5 Crimson Trace Laser Stainless, Charter Arms 74421 Bulldog Double Action Only 44 Special 2.5" 5 Black Rubber Stainless, Charter Arms 74429 Boomer 44 Special Double 44 Special 2" 5 Black Rubber Stainless, Charter Arms 74420 Bulldog Standard DA/SA 44 Special 2.5" 5 Black Rubber Stainless, Charter Arms 74460 TGT Bulldog 44SPL 6" 5rd Revolver, Charter Arms 74442 Target Bulldog 44SPL 4.2 SS AS 5rd Revolver, Charter Arms 34461 Bulldog Special Classic Single 44 Special 3" 5 Wood Black, Charter Arms 24420 Bulldog 44 Special 2.5" 5rd Black Rbber Grip Black/Green Tiger SS, Charter Arms 14420 Bulldog Standard DA/SA 44 Special 2.5" 5 Black Rubber Blued, Charter Arms 64420 Bulldog 44 Special Double 2.5" 5 Black Rubber Blacknitride+, Charter Arms 64429 Boomer DAO 44 Special 2" Ported 5 Black Rubber Grip Blacknitride+, Charter Arms 14429 Arms Boomer .44SPL 2." It was introduced in 1973. $19.99: details: DACK Outdoors. It was a top-selling gun during the 1980s and it is considered to be Charter Arms' trademark weapon. A true Bulldog should be relatively compact. Tommy Built TMP45. I've a Charter Bulldog .44 Spl that I also carry and I like Charter revolvers. November 29, 2017. Hardly know it's there. I got a Taurus 431, a S&W969 and a CA Bulldog. You need to get a capable gunsmith. Find Charter Arms Bulldog revolver parts with Numrich Gun Parts Corp. We're America's leading revolver parts supplier and have a wide selection of parts and accessories. The Fiocchi Cowboy load has also proven pleasant to fire. Unkei, When I was a kid, Skeeter Skelton made me fall in love with the .44 special cartridge then the Bulldog came along and I had a gun to fall in love with along with the ammo. Enough chit-chat, lets get down to business This is the Gunivore rundown of Charter Arms Bulldog revolver! [7] Its trigger pull, in both single and double-action modes, is quite light. Be the first to know about sales, surplus items, and new products. Considering how uncommon .44 Special is nowadays, there really isnt much that can compete with the Bulldog. Charter Arms offers a stainless Bulldog (top) with a 2.5-inch barrel as well as the Classic (bottom), a blued, 3-inch-barreled version without an ejector rod shroud. The big bore .44 Special handgun may be one of the heaviest hitting out there, but youd be shocked to see how easily it handles. 15% discount on all customizing & elective gunsmith services and FREE shipping to The Gunsmith at Sportsman's Warehouse. The .44 Special round and Charter Arms, have long been overshadowed by their more famous and flashier counterparts, the .45 Colt cartridge and S&W & Colt revolvers. With a barrel length of 2.5", the .44 Special is one of the larger revolvers to qualify for concealed carry. Although the lighter weight means that there's not much to absorb recoil, like the Ruger GP100, the grip makes up for it. CHA 13811 UNDERCOVER 38 HAMMERLESS BL. This one demands the dead-on hold. The revolver is light in the hand. 44 Hammer Pawl Enlarge Image. It could not have come at a better time. While there are some critics of the Bulldog because it's not a double-stackedGlock with 15 rounds, I believe that the Bulldogis great for self-defense. The Bulldog has been available for the .44 Special and .357 Magnum cartridges. So, all in all, I'm sure at the 3 feet to 7 feet that most defensive shooting is done, it will be very accurate to get the job done. I proceeded to then get 3 Bulldog types (3 barrels, 5 shot compact .44 revolvers). The Charter Arms Bulldog Revolver in .44 Special features a 2.5-inch barrel, a 5 round capacity, Stainless Steel finish, Steel Frame, Rubber Grips with Finger Grooves, Shrouded Ejector Rod, 3-Point . I had to change my reload formula that I use for practice because I noticed that some rounds would keyhole on the target. As a result, Charters are not only significantly more dependable than more-traditional revolvers, they are also excellent for self-defense. Add in the special finish, and I think this is a superb handgun. The 2 Taurus 605 handles high velocity Double tap 125s quite well as does my 3 model 60 All rights reserved. Keep safe and hope and pray that 2022 is better than 2021. Furthermore, to boost their durability, these guns have their barrels threaded into their frames. Charter Arms 44 Bulldog Hammer Spring Reduced or Extra Power by WOLFF. Attempts to hot rod the .44 Special have worn out many good revolvers. All firearms MUST be picked up by the BUYER (ACTUAL PURCHASER) at your selected Sportsman's Warehouse store or chosen Independent Firearm Dealer (FFL). All Bulldog models have a cylinder of 5 shots. Pick yours up today at your local Charter Arms Dealer! I have used .45 1911s and have 3 .357 snubbies and like them. Our Low Price $417.11 QuickView In .44 Special, even the slowest loadings are more than fast enough, and truthfully, literally any bullet will do the job. Likewise, it's one of the most concealable revolvers available. Again highly recommended. VIEWS. Our Low Price $330.66 QuickView . They seemed satisfied with their choice of weapon. the reason for the question is they are selling many 38 trigger guards on E-bay. It's 6.7" overall with a 2.5" barrel and weighs just 20 oz. For suggestions, collaborations, or requests, contact [emailprotected]. charter arms bulldog on duty .44spl 2.5" s/s Contact us at 1-800-286-3076 to get them added. The biggest modification Charter gave these powerful revolvers was ported and tapered barrels which effectively minimizes their recoil and maximizes their draw speed. The new Bulldog sold well. Personal protection and concealed carry excellence in a true powerhouse. This includes online and in person. Read more , This is Charter Arms Video 202123 August, 2021 Take an 8 minute tour of our facility. Also, the Pitbull is made in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. Unloaded, the Bulldog weighs 21 ounces, which means it is light enough to carry all day, but has just enough heft that it won't beat you . Because hes my father, I only want the best for him, and that means I have to consider price, weight, reputation, reliability, concealability, and more. The Bulldog has been available for the .44 Special and .357 Magnum cartridges. Your email address will not be published. The British Bulldog revolvers were typically small-frame revolvers with five-shot cylinders firing the .450 Adams cartridge, and later, the .455 Webley. September 30, 2011 By Bob Pilgrim. Model # 74421. He actually experienced a dropped-gun accidental discharge, andit was reported in the January 12th, 1876 edition of the Wichita Beacon, which read: As for the accuracy of the Bulldog, I find that it is very accurate for a snub nose. Other ammo types are weaker or provide too much recoil. A small group on the target with 10 or 15 rounds clustered never saved anyones life. Charter Arms AR 7 Explorer ll Grip Set. All 3 provide devastating power with the GP100 Clapp 3 (being a ful size revolver) providing as much pop as any 4 barrel and a whole lot more control.. Yeah they kick but target acquisition is plenty fast as the reasonable recoil of all three has no effect on my shooting. When it comes to holsters, you cant go wrong with Desantis, and theyve specially crafted their Thumb Break Scabbard just for Charter. Compare prices for 678958144208 - Charter Arms - Mks Supply Bulldog 44 Special 14420 from all vendors. [5] With most ammunition types the muzzle velocity tends to be between 705 and 1000 feet per second (215 and 305 meters per second, respectively). See a quick overview Read more , Nick's Corner vol 216 August, 2021 Click on the link to see Nick's Corner. The only way one could have a .44 Special was to find a used one, convert something like a .44-40 Colt Single Action to a .44 Special by fitting a new cylinder, or buy a Charter Arms Bulldog. Shopping with us is absolutely safe - you never have to worry about credit card safety when shopping here Share your latest AR build or photos from the range with #RangeDayFriday for a chance to win a new firearm! Charter Arms Bulldog Revolver in .44 Special. Bullhead 2,400.00 USD. The Bulldog is a versatile revolver for personal or home protection. While it has been featured in movies like Killing Them Softly and Blade Runner, the Bulldog made news in the late 70s after the notorious serial killer, the Son of Sam, utilized the weapon in his reign of terror in New York. Charter Arms AR 7 Explorer ll Magazine Release. FREE shipping Add to Favorites Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special Holster - 2.5 Inch Barrel Revolver - Tactical Black Kydex - Right Hand IWB - Left . I am looking to replace as a gift to my son. Designed by the founder of the first version of Charter Arms,[5] Doug McClenahan,[6] the Bulldog was released in 1973. 1 Image (s) Charter Arms Bulldog, Cha 74420 Bulldog 44spc 2.5 Ss 5shot. With a four-inch barrel and a full-sized grip, the perfectly-proportioned weapon isn't as massive as the big-ass L-framed .357 Smiths. New Listing Charter Arms Off Duty Hammerless .38Spl, Revolver Parts, Grips, Screw. File the top of th front sight down until its no longer shooting low. Most people dont think of .44 Specials as versatile handguns, but the Bulldog, once again, is not your average revolver. FAST, FREE shipping over $80! In 1872, Philip Webley & Son of Birmingham, England, introduced a small double-action (DA) revolver with a 2.5-inch barrel and a five-shot cylinder. Five round burst easily on torso-sized target at 10-15 feet, hip-level point shooting, in about 1.5 secs. [6] Most critics believe the best use for the Bulldog is self-defense. My only caveat is to put a dab of nail polish at the joint of the plastic cover and the case of the shot shells as I have had the shot fall out once. 44 Keith bullet around 750 fps out of Charter Arms Bulldog is a lethal/effective/accurate round. Either can be had with interchangeable round or square butt smooth walnut grips. I got replacement Pachmayer? All Rights Reserved. Brand: Charter Arms. I have had a 1st gen, 3'' barreled .44 Special "Bulldog" since, I believe, the early 80's. It serves me perfectly well for the purposes of it's design - up close and personal protection in a relatively cheap firearm. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at But it's equally appealing. The Bulldog is a 5-shot traditional double-action revolver designed by Doug McClenahan and produced by Charter Arms.It was introduced in 1973. Functional, blue-collar piece, made in the USA and competitively priced. Great review. with a 3" bbl. However, the modern revolver featured a transfer bar ignition system. Copyright 2023 Charter Arms. As a result, Charters can fire their trademark heavy rounds straighter, faster, and more accurately. This safe, reliable revolver is powerful enough for serious home protection,but has the size and functionality for effective concealed carry! Share your thoughts on the Charter Arms Bulldog in the comment section. The Undercover is Charter's "bread and butter gun," a two-inch . The only other handgun brand I own other than Ruger is a Charter .44 Special snub,about three years old. Like most Charter Arms weapons, the Bulldog is still relatively inexpensive yet is a quality firearm what one would refer to as a "no-frills snub-nosed revolver." A little at a time with small hobbyist files. Charter Arms Bulldog. Add to My Saved Parts. Free shipping over $400 (Excludes Ammo) details: GunZoneDeals. $369.71. I am having a hard time finding out if a 38 trigger guard is one in the same as 44 spl. Charter Arms Bulldog Revolver -If you are looking for a safe, reliable revolver powerful enough for serious home protection, but with the size and functionality for effective concealed carry, Charters .44 Special is an outstanding double-duty choice for the job. Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special Revolver, Black - 14420 From $349.99 in 5 stores Caliber:.44 S&W Special Capacity: 5 Barrel Length: 2.5" Finish per color: Blue. 's blog. This includes online and in person. Read more , This is Charter Arms Video 202123 August, 2021 Take an 8 minute tour of our facility. The Undercover is Charter Arms "bread and butter" gun, a 2-inch revolver in .38 Special that handles +P loads. $319.87. We reserve the right to edit as appropriate, delete profane, harassing, abusive and spam comments or posts, and block repeat offenders. The immensely powerful handgun is built from 100% American-made components that are as durable as they are reliable. Item Number: 64855. The grip is a textured black rubber with finger grooves. Enter the .44 Special. These stainless steel S&Ws offer a bit more versatility, plus they have the legendary reputation backing them up. The actual purchaser must be 18 years of age or older to purchase rifles and/or shotguns. Seller: Knight Firearms. The five-shot . On the other hand, since my father was looking to holster his new gun on his ankle, I suggest checking out the Galco Ankle Glove holster. With this bullet type, the shot is very powerful and has a strong penetration but the recoil can easily be handled. Hammer Pawl, Used Factory Original. This company also filed bankruptcy, and the models produced during this period showed obvious production flaws. And friends, that's why you can load all 5 rounds and not have to worry about leaving the hammer on an empty chamber as they used to have to do with Colt Peacemakers in the Old West. As Charters trademark revolver, the Bulldog has seen its fair share of attention, but it hasnt always been so positive. I very much appreciated your article on the Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special. :-(. Quick View. [14][15] All Bulldog models have a cylinder of five shots. I was very disappointed because I really liked the size and feel of the Bulldog and Ive always loved the .44 round, either as a Special or a Mag. Nov 29, 2017. Top picture is the 22 Pathfinder. Single Piece Bulldog Frame. It has potent stopping power, while not being burdensome to carry. Will never jam. 44 Special revolver, . I wish I had never let it go. Shooting and Showing the Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special. CHA 53831 PINK LADY 38 2IN DAO PINK/SS. Model: 73820. 5 out of 5 stars (44) $ 55.99. A few years ago I looked into .44 Special and really liked them. All Rights Reserved. #1. I load it with Federal 200 gr LSWC-HP and have never felt undergunned. This gun kicks. Black w/ Rose Wood Grips Revolver. The Charter Arms Bulldog was a no frills, inexpensive revolver first sold in 1973. Target model also available with 4 barrel and adjustable rear sight. $376.82. . Owned a Tarus, hammerless in .44 Special, once, never felt like it wasnt enough gun for all occasions. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. While they offer calibers from .22 LR to .45 ACP, as well as the .357 Magnum, the bread-and-butter revolver they made their reputation on is the Charter Arms Undercover, a five-shot swing-out cylinder double-action revolver. That counts as two in my book. My new formula still uses 180 grain semi-wad cutter lead bullets, but a little faster, and a cleaner-burning powder. Overview. The Charter Arms design is intended to allow inexpensive manufacture, but not cheap manufacture. The best alternative I can think of is the Smith and Wesson Model 629. Copyright 2023 Charter Arms. I also carry one speedloader with just Winchester. My current model Bulldog .44 has been 100% reliable and very accurate. It is fun to shoot, reasonably priced and a great choice for self-defense. I Carry: Charter Arms Bulldog Revolver in a Galco Holster; First Look: Original Precision Moon Clips and Cylinders .44 Special Revolvers; Watch: Ruger GP100 .44 Special Revolver; Charter Arms .44 Spl. The problem you described sounds like a timing problem. For me the best reloader for the Charter Bulldog .44 Special is their Undercover .38 Special. The Target Bulldog is a revolver produced by Charter Arms factory in caliber .44 Special and .357 Magnum. Save big on a new charter arms bulldog 44. Bulldog. Known for its rugged reliability and stopping power, Charter's Bulldog is a versatile revolver for personal or home protection. My rev. Throwback Thursday Review: Charter Arms Bulldog - Patriot Gun News, The Charter Arms Bulldog .44 SpecialThe Bulldog has a Bite! But get them quickly because theyre running out fast! The Bulldog is a 5-shot traditional double-action revolver designed by Doug McClenahan and produced by Charter Arms. my girlfriend really hated it. Charter Arms AR 7 ar7 Explorer Magazine Latch Spring..Used. America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter, Throwback Thursday Review: Charter Arms Bulldog, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). It provides a lot of comfort for such a smaii package. With a barrel length of 2.5", the .44 Special is one of the larger revolversto qualify for concealed carry. Bulldog. The barrel and cylinder are made from stainless steel . Charter Arms abandoned the traditional side plate and opted for a stronger single-piece frame. By its build alone, you can already see that the Bulldog is no ordinary revolver. Chandler 750.00 USD. An error occurred processing your request. I wish I could be as excited about my standard stainless Bulldog as your review is. Your Price: $553.19. $29.99. But then others may use some new fuzzy math! However, I am a big fan of the .45 ACP round, and CA has recently come out with a .45 Pitbull. . Required fields are marked *. Show more. We can stop the BLM execution of 45,000 Wild Horses. Sometimes it's in a holster at 3 o/clock, but most times in a pocket holster. The Charter Arms Bulldog in .44 Special is a great revolver. Ross, These high-powered self-defense weapons offer incredible reliability paired with classic aesthetics all while inspiring true confidence. Charter Arms Bulldog 5 RD 44 Special 2.5" Stainless Revolver $439.60 (Save up to 3%) Price $425.60. Nevertheless, I recommend investing in a good holster, especially considering that these were made to be CCWs. [7] As of 2007[update], Charter Arms only offers its 14420, 74420 and 74421 versions. Bridgeport CONN address - ~19000 to ~315,000 1967 - 1969. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on J Great deals on Pistol Parts for Charter Arms. In order to eliminate the common safety issues of carrying a wheel gun, the solid-framed Charter contains the dependable hammer block transfer bar safety system. la crosse tribune obituaries past 3 days, what does rsm accounting firm stand for,